Tanzania Safaris

Nothing beats the wonder of African wildlife!  Bushland offers a wide variety of safari itineraries, from 3 to 14 days, to introduce visitors from around the world to the incredible wildlife, culture and people of Tanzania. Our safaris provide maximum game viewing opportunities with exceptional unobstructed front row views from open-top landcruiser vehicles. Bushland contracts with well located and inviting tent camp facilities and wildlife lodges to provide you with the sights and sounds of the African bush with all the modern conveniences. Our team of native, multilingual guides and naturalists provide the best safari services available in Tanzania today!

Luxury Safaris

Bushland partners with clients to create an itinerary best suited to your desires. We are happy to arrange a safari featuring the country's most notable and spectacular wildlife reserves. After memorable game viewing days, you will stay in "top of the line" luxury accommodations in Tanzania's finest hotels and lodges.  Enjoy large, lovely themed rooms, superb meals, personalized and private local tours, extraordinary spa services, balloon rides over the Serengeti, and other exceptional offerings. We often suggest add-ons or pre and post safari trips to Zanzibar and other inviting Indian Ocean beach resorts.

Lodge Safaris

Tanzania has many wonderful and inviting lodges located in and near all of its National Parks. These accommodations feature generous sized rooms with double and king-sized beds, en-suite baths, excellent lounge and restaurants, beautiful swimming pools and a variety of spa services. There are endless opportunities for amazing wildlife viewing plus local cultural "learning and discovery." Tent Camp Lodges are another inviting option and feature modern and permanent facilities and amenities to suite each and every traveler.

Budget Camping Safaris

For those seeking the greatest value for their Africa travel budget, Bushland suggests booking a camping safari.  There are many wonderful tent camp options and Bushland works with clients to arrange for all necessary equipment. This option affords travelers the chance to experience the African bush in an inviting and cost effective way.

Walking Safaris

Tanzania offers travelers exceptional opportunities to move off the beaten path and explore its amazing parks, villages and historic sites on foot. For example, trekking in the Ngorongoro Highlands gives travelers the change to hike through Maasai villages and interact with local tribes. Hikes to visit and experience the hunting and gathering traditions of the Hadzabe tribe near Lake Eyasi are amazing opportunities.  Bushland employs experienced local guides with exceptional knowledge of local traditions and wildlife to take guests to many of Tanzania's most fascinating places. You will have a first-hand opportunity to experience the rich diversity of the Tanzania people and culture.

See Intineraries for examples of Bushland safaris.

Cultural Tours

Live like a local! Bushland offers cultural tours in and around Arusha and on safari. Visits to Maasai tribes near Lake Manyara, in Ngorongoro and outside Serengeti National Park provide travelers with meaningful learning and discovery opportunities.  Visits with Hadzabe, Dagota and other native Bushmen tribes are a wonderful way to experience the rich diversity of Tanzania life.  The chance to interact with tribes like the Meru, Chagga and Iraqw offer more life enriching insights into African life.

Lake Eyasi near Ngorongoro Crater offers many interesting cultural and hiking opportunities including opportunity for interaction with hunting and gathering tribes.

We also arrange trips to schools, farms, orphanages, medical clinics, homes and other local land,arks to provide information on Tanzanian life and history,  Local guides are employed to provide travelers with unforgettable learning and discovery experiences. 

Mbege, traditional Chagga tribe banana drink

Moshi schoolchildren