Safari Intineraries

6 Days/5 Nights


"Karibu" - Welcome in Kswahili! You will be warmly welcomed by Bushland representatives at the Kilimanjaro National Airport (JRO) in Arusha and transferred to you hotel for a good night's rest before your safari.

Day one includes a morning drive from Arusha to Manyara. Following lunch, enjoy your first game drive in beautiful Manyara National Park which includes resident wildlife of buffalo, elephant, leopards, impala, baboon, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest.  Lake Manyara occupies 70% of the park and is home to over 400 species of birds - a romantic and exciting place to begin your safari.

Days two and three are spent in Serengeti National Park, an area of 14,763 meters, whose name in Maasai language mean "endless plains." The Serengeti savannah, plains, forest, rivers and lakes and its spectacular wildlife are know worldwide.  Everyday is unique and memorable in the Serengeti! Morning and afternoon game viewing drives provide clients with the chance to witness some of the most spectacular wildlife in all of Africa!

A full day of game drives on Day three gives guests the opportunity to experience the highest concentration of plains animals in the world.. Estimated at 4 million. this includes 3,000 lions, 1.6 million wildebeests, 300,000 Thomson and Grants gazelle, and 500,000 zebras.

Days four and five are spent in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with a stop at historic Olduvai Gorge.  Descend 2,000 feet from the lush rain forest on the crater rim to the Savannah bush and acacia woodland on the crater floor. The Crater is home to the rare black rhino, several prides of lions, wildebeest, zebra, hippos and many more species of mammals and birds, including thousands of flamingos.

On Day six we drive back to Arusha for a leisurely lunch before transferring to Kilimanjaro airport. Accommodations include luxury tent camps and lodges ideally located in all Tanzania National Parks.  

9 Days/8 Nights 

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

This safari gives couples an opportunity to enjoy and maximize visits to the beautiful and wildlife rich Tanzanian parks in the north. 

Day one/Arrival - You will be met at the airport in Arusha, Kilimanjaro (JRO) by your Bushland driver guide who will take you to your hotel in Arusha to enjoy a relaxing night's stay before beginning your safari.


Day two - You will drive from Arusha to Manyara National Park, where on Day three and four you will enjoy game drives to observe its dense wildlife and spectacular bird population.

On Day five you will leave Manyara and head to Serengeti National Park, a haven for big game including over 3 million large mammals, for three nights in a romantic wildlife camp or lodge. Prepare to be amazed at the rich diversity of animals you will see, in Africa's most famous wildlife reserve!

Days six and seven include morning and afternoon game drives to experience the amazing savannah wildlife. Following lunch on Day seven you will proceed to Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, arguably one of the most incredible wildlife viewing areas in the world.  Enjoy spectacular vistas from the Crater rim,, virgin rain forests and abundant celebrated wildlife on the Crater floor. En route you will enjoy a stop at Olduvai Gorge, site of Louis and Mary Leakey's renowned archaeological discoveries for a visit.

Day eight - Enjoy a full day game drive and picnic lunch in this Tanzanian "Garden of Eden," home to the rare black rhino, several prides of lions, cheetah, multiple herds of zebra and wildebeest, hippos and flocks of flamingos.

Day nine we return to Arusha after breakfast for lunch at a coffee plantation before transferring to Kilimanjaro Airport for your journey home.

8 Days/7 Nights


Arrival - A Bushland driver guide will greet you at Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) and take you to your hotel in Arusha for a relaxing evening and rest before you begin your safari the following day.

Day one takes you on six hour drive to reach Serengeti National Park, classified as on of the main sites of the World Heritage by UNESCO.  Serengeti is the largest National Park in Tanzania (5,700 square miles), the oldest (created in 1951), and with good reason, the most famous in East Africa. Serengeti savannahs, forests, immense plains, crisscrossed by many rivers with fertile banks, accommodate the largest herds of herbivores of our planet: 1.5 million gnus, 400,000 zebras, 200,000 Thomson gazelles, which migrate annually to water holes, followed by their predators -- this offers one of the most impressive scenes in the world.  The Park also accommodates immense herds of buffalo, elephants and giraffe, bubals, impalas, Grant gazelles and hippos. Predators find this a perfect hunting ground - lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and smaller predators like servals are the lords of savannah and acacia woods. The safari (journey) you experience here in your open sun roof land cruiser will be one of the most amazing and beautiful in Africa! 

Day two includes a full day of game viewing that will give you wonderful opportunities to experience front row views of the Park's amazing wildlife and "endless plains."

Following a morning game drive and picnic lunch on Day three, you will drive to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, classified as another main World Heritage site by UNESCO. On the way, you may visit an authentic Maasai village to experience the color and culture of Tanzania's most populated native tribe. 

On Day four, you will descend from the Ngorongoro Crater rim approximately 2,000 feet to the crater floor - a real Noah's ark.  Its vast plains, strewn with volcanic domes, small craters and tropical forests, accommodate the main animal species of Eastern Africa - lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, cheetahs, zebras, gazelles, gnus, hyenas and jackals - in all, according to Park Rangers, 30,000 animals. You will spend a full day with time out for a picnic lunch, in the Crater.

After breakfast on Day five you will transfer in your Land Cruiser to Lake Manyara National Park. You will enter the park for a half day game drive including picnic lunch.  Manyara is an ornithological paradise that includes thousands of flamingos and many species of lakeside birds, as well as a surprising spectacle of lionesses sleeping in high trees, not far from blue monkeys.  The very vegetation of the park also accommodates many giraffes, elephants, buffalo, zebras and hippos.

In the morning of Day 6 take a short drive to Tarangire National Park, considered a haven for migrants with more than 3,000 elephants living in the park with buffalo, hartebeests, wildebeests, plain zebras, gazelles, elands, oryx during the dry season (June to November) coming down to drink from the banks of the Tarangire River. All of these animals drift out of the Park from November to June, leaving giraffes, Kirk's dik dik, warthogs, kudus, impalas, and waterbucks, who are year around residents along with 450 species of birds, including 49 raptor species. Following  picnic lunch in the Park and by bi-mid afternoon, you will transfer to Arusha to spend the evening.

Day 7 - Breakfast in your hotel is followed by extra time to explore local Arusha markets and to prepare for your journey home. Following a leisurely lunch, we will proceed to Kilimanjaro Airport for your flight  home.

Dagota tribe, Lake Eyasi

Maasai wake (wives)