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'Dear Mister Didi,

We are back home now.  All we can talk about is Africa and you.  Didi, you gave us the adventure of a lifetime and we are very thankful to you for that.  Every minute we were in Tanzania was made more exciting and knowledgeable thanks to you.  It was a great tour, with a great man , of a great country. 

Thanks again and be well."

Bill and Rory

Los Angeles, California, USA

November 2016

"My Bushland Adventure was fantastic, amazing and surreal to believe. I experienced grace in every aspect of the adventure. Our guide Didi was a wealth of information about his country.  Everywhere he took us, we experienced interaction with the people and their wonderful culture. 

I continue to live the adventure in my heart.  The time and care given to each individual on safari, in camps and on game drives, etc. exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to my next adventure with Bushland in the very near future!"

   Vicki, St. Maries, Idaho, 

"Our trip exceeded all of our expectations, 

       Laurie, Owen and          friends, Santa Barbara, CA USA

"As far as the safari goes, there isn't enough praise I can write here for the way Francis treated us and showed all we wanted to see. His knowledge of every animal, bird, flora and fauna in the area is outstanding, He's one of the best drivers any of us have ever experienced, zipping through town, through the river, muddy grounds in the Serengeti made it an exciting adventure. I will highly recommend that anyone I hear of making the trek to Tanzania request Francis as their guide." 

 David S., USA 

November, 2015


Our Bushland Adventure was seriously more than we ever expected. Didi explained everything from A to Z.....the different customs of AFRICAN Tribes to the ZEBRAS with their honing skills and strength capabilities. We were amazed by Didi's knowledge of the animals, plants, people, government, his humor and his love of Tanzania.  

Every day since we've been home, we have relived and talked about some of the adventures.......seeing Maasai walking the plains in their colorful, regal robes........warthogs wallowing in the water hole outside our patio at one of the gorgeous lodges we stayed in.........at night while in our tent, listening to lions making it known that this was their territory.......visiting Oldupai and the Rift Valley where the Leakey's discovered bones of one of the oldest humans..........and then all of a sudden, coming upon wildebeest, elephants, cheetahs and giraffes!

We have been asked what the best experience we had while in Tanzania was.  A difficult question but I would have to say........interacting with the people, their culture, and of course seeing so many exotic animals, all made possible because of Didi and Bushland Adventure.

Catherine with Jim and Susan

Thousand Oaks, California, USA

November 2015