Beach Holidays

Indian Ocean gems of Zanzibar and Bagamoyo are places where spices, ivory, slaves and princes were strangely intertwined.  Today, their beautiful white sand beaches, diverse water sports, and intriguing history offer wonderful before or after safari "add on" holiday options.

Zanzibar is an unspoiled beauty - this romantic paradise island is full of mystique, where merchants, traders, missionaries and explorers visited from distant lands. Today the romance splendor and legends of Zanzibar are vibrantly alive.  Traditional old sailing boats (dhows) carved wooden doors, the scent of cloves and the smiles of island natives welcome visitors from across the globe.

Bagamoyo, another major East African slave trading post, literally means "lay down your heart" in Swahili,  This name was likely given as it was the last place slaves stayed in Tanzania before being taken to foreign lands.  The town is 80 km north of Dar es Salaam and today is a beautiful beach getaway with white sand beaches.  Local historians are pleased to share the history of Old Bagamoyo town.

Bushland staff will happily assist travelers in booking attractive, comfortable and affordable accommodations in Tanzanian's island and beachside towns.